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This is the kind of dating book you want to take home to your parents, the kind of dating book that you want to meet all your friends, the kind of dating book that likes the same terrible comedy movies as you.

We’re going to take a look at the intricacies of dating men and women- from building your confidence right through to sex- in a new way.

Either hold her face or neck; you can put them around her waist too. Gently kiss her lips and put your tongue inside her mouth. You can kiss her on her cheeks and say you have been waiting for this long or give her a hug.

Back then, my success rate at kissing women was close to 100%......because I'd only go in for the kiss when I felt certain she wanted to kiss me... I perused books on body language, struggling to figure out all of the signs women display when they feel attraction toward a man. Women, I lamented, almost never display these signs around me.

On rare occasion women did display attraction signals in my presence. If you had the power to kiss any woman you desired without rejection...- which woman (or women) would you kiss? And if you had the power to kiss the women you wanted, how would that positively impact your life?

Don’t ask for her permission Asking for her permission kills the romance.

When you are close and she is laughing at your jokes and touching your arms, lean towards her, hold her and kiss her. If she likes you she would kiss you back, if she doesn’t, she would pull back.

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