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The term domme is a coined pseudo-French female variation of the slang dom (short for dominant).The use of "domme", "dominatrix", "dom", or "dominant" by any woman in a dominant role is chosen mostly by personal preference and the conventions of the local BDSM scene.The role of a dominatrix may not even involve physical pain toward the submissive; her domination can be verbal, involving humiliating tasks, or servitude.A dominatrix may be a paid professional ("pro-domme"), or may use the title of dominatrix in her personal sex life. If you need shoes to go with your latest look, we've got you covered! You are welcome to join us in our IRC channel using an IRC application of your choice!A dominatrix (plural dominatrixes or dominatrices) is a woman who takes the dominant role in BDSM activities.A dominatrix might be of any sexual orientation, but her orientation does not necessarily limit the genders of her submissive partners.

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