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Woodrow's voice was performed by Harry Shearer, who did an impression of Ricardo Montalbán.The picture Bart sends Edna is of NHL and WHA star Gordie Howe.Six-year-old Piper Ging picked up the game from her brother.She got a grasp of the fundamentals, learning how to handle her hockey stick and bend her knees in her stance."It's fun to get the pucks in the net with the goalies," Piper said.

The subplot where Homer tries to clean up his language was written partially in response to the complaints the show had been getting about the amount of cursing on the show.For full coverage of the Stars’ big weekend, see the Tele’s sports pages in tonight’s paper.He has admitted that their break up after eight years of marriage left him heartbroken and 12lb lighter.Carson Mc Clure, also six years old, took up hockey with an emphasis on playing hard.He even got into a little scrum with a camp-mate during drills."When I play hard, I really want to focus on the puck," Carson said. I'm really confident on the puck and really focused on the puck."Voorhees, a former Ice Bears player and coach, said it's important to see young children put on the pads, to keep the tradition of hockey alive in East Tennessee."It's exciting to see the next generation of hockey players," Voorhees said.

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