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The story of the Five Guardians in the Emeq Ha Melekh protecting the Treasures of Solomons Temple, brings us to the city of Babylon where Shimur Ha Levi, Haggai the Prophet, Zechariah, Zedekiah, Hezekiah plus Ezra and Baruch the scribe were living in a land where the inhabitants of Judah were exposed to a life of sensual pleasure, robust economic prosperity and a religion in Babylon that was almost a clone of the temple services that they were accustom to at the temple of Solomon.Also they found that they were in the company of many of their exiled brethren from Judah during the invasion of Senna-cherib about a century prior when according the Taylor Prism, Hezekiah was shut up like a bird in a cage.Here also were some descendants of the former Northern Kingdom of Israel known as the Saki in the Behistun Stone and the Guti, Ghomerians, and the Cimmerians that had participated in the wars against Assyria that Babylon eventually conquered.Within the city of Babylon, the most conspicuous sites were the Temple Etemenanki, a seven story ziggurat reputedly built over the site of the ancient Tower of Babylon.(variations: Abigail, Avigayil) Avishag Avishag means "father's joy." Avishag appears in the Bible as attending to King David in his old age (1-Kings 1:3).Avital Avital appears in the Bible as King David's wife (2-Samuel 3:4).

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The manner in which the coins were found suggests they were deposited in a niche of the wall inside a purse for safekeeping before the building was destroyed, she said.

) but delivered a delicious punch line differentiating “them” and “us.” And while we’re on the subject … The next day he brought three beautiful women who sat on the sofa and chatted with Mama and Papa over a little cake. Marnie has written over 20 books/calendars, including the series “A Little Joy, A Little Oy." Her books include Yiddishe Mamas: The Truth About the Jewish Mother and A Little Joy, A Little Oy (pub. She is also an award-winning “calendar queen” having written over 20.

Tim exclaimed: “Make mine Hawaii --with beauty queens! The Jewish boss, like We Jews, was not only skeptical (a miracle not in a desert? Just for fun, I'm going to bring over three women and you guess which is “the one.” Mama and Papa agreed. Her advice column was syndicated through Tribune Media Services, and it currently appears in Singular magazine as Singular Solutions.

(variations: Ariel, Arielle) Atara Atara means "crown." It is sometimes used for naming after a Kreindel, a Yiddish name of the same meaning.

Avigail Avigail means "father's joy." Avigail appears in the Bible as King David's wife (1-Samuel ).

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