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Tatiana Pará divides his knowledge ministering private lessons (in person or online) using proper method and personalized.

Besides that, she conducts workshops and Masterclasses. The program is customized, attending the goal of each student according to their level of knowledge, style and musical taste.

Automatic Billing – We offer a discount to any student who signs up for our automated monthly billing package.

Crats released their first instrumental cd in october 2013.

Not sure if this is a game known worldwide, but it's a well known children's game in the Netherlands.

Look around in their view room through the webcam and pick an item or a 'thing' and say "I see, I see, what you can't see" and they can guess what item you're holding in mind.

Graduated Bachelor in Guitar in Alcântara Machado Arts Faculty (FAAM), Tatiana writes a monthly column since 2007 at Guitar Player Magazine Brazil.

She plays, analyzes and translate with a modern and didactically language the licks of the greats of Blues and Blues / Rock.

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