Subclipse error validating location

I'm behind a proxy that sometimes asks for a password. I've got Eclipse's proxy set, and am able to use the software updates.Is there something else to install (all I installed was Subclipse, as indicated here: but get stuck at the place where we create a new repository location to test the install. --Dale-- PS: Here are some post extracts I used to develop my proxy/Web DAV theory: Date: 2003-09-07 CEST Normally it should not matter if subversion is run behind a proxy or not.Some objects might live longer as reference pointing to them are class member variables.

Space allocated to objects created inside the methods is reclaimed after the method execution is over.

Based on the post below, I think the problem is that my firewall is not allowing Web DAV. (I'll need the proof to get the firewall guy off his (! I am working at a client PC, where Firewall prohibits usage of Web DAV to connect to SVN service. The proxy should be configured to proxy Web DAV commands though (REPORT, PROPFIND, and friends).

-- svn console --- RA layer request failed svn: PROPFIND request failed on '/svn' svn: PROPFIND of '/svn': could not connect to server ( -- svn console --- The author goes on to explain how he's trying to use tunneling to the server using Putty / SSH. If the proxy does not do that (or incorrectly caches data) subversion cannot be used over http.

I am having problems connecting to my repository with svn ssh using Subclipse On the command line, I CAN get to my repository with: svn list svn ssh://[hidden email]/home/svn/repository/mysite/trunk Within Subclipse, the subverison plugin for Eclipse, I entered: svn ssh:// As suggested by the Subclipse FAQ, I left out the username.

With the above, I got the error: Error validating location: "org.tigris.subversion.javahl.

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